15 & 16 June 2022 | Marrakesh, Morocco
28 & 30 June 2022 | Virtual, LiveCast



After a much extended 2-year pause, we’re FINALLY BACK! And ready to bring you the most innovative experience FOUND NOWHERE ELSE through what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable Augmented Conferencing Experience!

ID4Africa 2022 is geared towards delivering THE MOST informative and enriching programs, each of which have been carefully constructed to produce actionable outcomes covering highly pertinent issues which stakeholders from across Africa have been yearning for. Guided by our first-hand insight into Africa’s current ID4D priorities -- thanks to over 80 hours of unparallel LiveCasts spanning 2 dedicated years of coverage on identity matters -- each program reflects well-formulated activities designed to equip all attendees with on-point knowledge and capacity to help turbo boost their identity programs in ways that simply could not be achieved virtually. We’re confident this event will be worth the journey!


Day 1 Plenaries & Expo:
June 15, 2022

The Identification Arena: Deconstructing the Choices Underlying National Programs close

This no-holds-barred Mega Segment features prominent leaders from over 10 ID Authorities (majority in Africa) who will step into the arena to engage with renowned Identity expert, Dr. Joseph Atick, for an in-depth comparative analysis of the ID systems their countries pursued. We will examine the choices they are making, and the valuable experiences and lessons learned from the challenges they overcame. We will also explore their stated objectives and the detailed decision trees they executed from design to business arrangements according to the context of their countries. This is by no means a theoretical session! It is one that actively dissects and analyzes real systems that address and overcome real challenges. Be part of this massive encounter!

The Solutions Forum close

This session focuses on identity initiatives that have a significant impact on how governments fundamentally conduct their operations and services. These may include visionary frameworks, platforms, approaches, solutions or other initiatives that have already proven to be gamechangers, or are in the process of reorienting the Identity Community towards new promising directions.

The Technology & Solutions Expo: June 15-16, 2022 close

The Technology & Solutions Expo at ID4Africa 2022 is the ONLY EXPOSITION IN THE WORLD with the highest record of end-user participation. Held throughout days 1 & 2 of the event, this world-class exposition brings under one roof, OVER 100 of the who’s who in today’s industry, offering a one-stop-shop for the very best in cutting-edge technology and solutions that digital identity has to offer, teamed with unparallel opportunities for networking!

Day 2 Workshops & Expo:
June 16, 2022

The objective of the workshops at ID4Africa 2022 is to provide delegates with an opportunity to engage in impactful discussions, brainstorming activities and ideological networking through meaningful and focused dialogue around leading issues in the context of 4 highly specialized workshops held on Day 2 of the AGM. The outcomes, recommendations and summations will be presented during two LiveCast episodes held two weeks after the event (June 28 and 30th).

Workshop 1: Digital Public Infrastructure / Digital Stacks close

Chaired by: Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA)

This workshop will put identity in context of digital public infrastructure (DPI) or digital stacks, which promise to be essential ingredients of digital transformation of government. They include digital identity, payments, and data sharing platforms. The objective is to learn how to build these stacks effectively, identify key barriers for success and examine ways in which DPG along with other ingredients can be leveraged for building out DPIs (policies, regulation, procurement and vendor models, in-house capacity for different models etc.) to achieve sovereignty and foster digital cooperation on DPIs among countries.

Workshop 2: Identity Management for Frictionless Borders close

Chaired by: The International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The workshop will focus on how to facilitate cross-border mobility of people and goods amidst a background of increased public health, and security risks. It will explore a range of options and experiences for how to meet the evolving requirements for travel and admission and stay measures while avoiding the growth of existing inequalities to accessing regular migration. The objective is to identify practices in which integration of identity management into border processes and formalities, teamed with enhanced coordination and universal access to legal identity, can ensure frictionless and equitable human mobility, particularly during times of crisis such as pandemics and war.

Workshop 3: Mission 100: Towards Achieving 100% Legal Identity by 2030 close

Chaired by: UNICEF

This workshop will examine legal review and policy reforms to align existing CR laws with international standards and best practices. It will also explore the simplification of CRVS business process to ensure registration and certification are done simultaneously and preferably through ‘one-step, one-visit’ process. Other key pillars of dialogue will include decentralization—primarily through twinning with the health sector to expand the reach and make services affordable--and digitization through innovative and safe use of technology. The objective is to develop actionable and scalable recommendations that could help push the needle of birth registration towards the 100% registration goal of every new birth, hopefully by the 2030 target date.

Workshop 4: ID Communication & Awareness Strategies: Best Practices for Building Evidence & Engaging the Public close

Chaired by: The World Bank – ID4D

This workshop will provide practitioners with good practices on how to collect information and data on key people-centric metrics and foster strong communication and engagement with the public and civil society to help build inclusive and trusted Digital ID systems. It will build on participants’ real experiences and ID4D resources, including toolkits on qualitative research, surveys and M&E, communication campaigns, and CSO engagement (forthcoming).

Workshop Participants

Below is a physical layout of a typical workshop. It identifies three categories of participants: Working Group Leaders; Contributors; and Observers.

Working Group leaders are chosen in advance in consultation with the chairing organization. They comprise of the workshop Chairperson, Discussants and Rapporteurs.

Contributors are those who have undergone merit-based selection from an application process and are selected as professionals who have subject matter expertise, experience, and display a willingness to contribute to the dialogue. These professionals include representatives from African government, development agencies, civil society, NGOs, NFP organizations and industry who will form a core group seated at the roundtable with privilege to speak and contribute to the discussions. Contributors will be acknowledged by name in any issued summary report.

Observers are non-contributing participants who will be seated in theatre style at the end of the room. This is a “Listening Only” role open to all AGM attendees and is subject to seating availability.

Apply for a Workshop

Applications are now closed for persons interested in becoming a Workshop Contributor.

All ID4Africa 2022 delegates are encouraged to attend the workshops. Delegates who will not be participating as Contributors (i.e., those with a speaking role) are welcome to join as Observers (i.e., listening only). [See Observer description above].

Applications Closed

Days 3 & 4 LiveCasts:
June 28 & 30, 2022

Each workshop Working Group will issue a report that will be presented and discussed two weeks later as dedicated LiveCast Episodes on June 28 & 30. The findings and recommendations will be distributed to the relevant African government agencies and ministries as appropriate.

The close

The close

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