Digital Identity as Public Infrastructure

place Edge Convention, College of Insurance, Red Cross Road, South C, Nairobi, Kenya
date_range 23-25 May 2023 | Kenya, Nairobi
date_range 7 & 21 June 2023 | Virtual, LiveCast
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PHYSICAL: An unparalleled knowledge-sharing platform uniting ALL stakeholders from the entire identity ecosystem under one roof.

May 23-25

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PHYSICAL: The largest of its kind in the world showcasing innovations from multinational, regional & local companies.

May 23-25

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VIRTUAL: ID4Africa’s powerful online medium integrating various voices from the Identity Community + the extended AGM conference for summation, reporting and dissemination.

June 7 & 21

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We in Kenya take ID4Africa and the AGM very seriously, ever since its inception in Dar Es Salaam. It is a Movement which has been growing and in Kenya we’ve been gaining a lot of benefits from attending these conferences. It has helped us in coming up with many of our reform ideas not only the identity movement, but also infrastructure and policies.

Reuben Kimotho
National Registration Bureau (NRB), Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government, Kenya


ID4Africa’s thought leadership and efforts to promote dialogue are to be highly praised. This platform enabled us to share views with distinguished speakers from diverse backgrounds and regions, providing us with an opportunity for a genuine discussion and exchange of concrete experiences, best practices, and challenges when it comes to identity.

Damien Thuriaux,
International Organization for Migration (IOM)


ID4Africa is very important to us for the Ethiopian ID program because we have been learning a lot, especially from the last session in South Africa (2019) where we made some key decisions that guided us in the years following. We have benefitted from the convening advantage that being with ID4Africa provides. While we are late comers, we have had the advantage of learning from others who have done these programs for many years. ID4Africa has helped make this very important network of identity veterans who we continue to learn from, accessible to newcomers like us.

Yodahe Zemichael,
National ID Program, Ethiopia


ID4Africa plays a remarkable role in moving development forward across Africa by enabling the exchange of information and experience.  This is a challenge because of the combination of need and the large number of countries involved.  There is no other process that brings together anywhere near as wide a range of participants from so many countries.

Alan Gelb,
Center for Global Development


Each AGM for us is a real means of exchange, sharing of experience and building awareness. Our delegation consists of senior government officials responsible for identity issues. The various meetings allow them to feel the realities of identity, and the solutions being proposed in order to further encourage their commitment to the cause of identity.

Andrien Nestor Zouaka,
Ministry of Interior, Central African Republic


For us, ID4Africa has become an important partner. This Movement offers a great network for knowledge and sharing. It allows us to know the technology market, latest developments and success stories. From there it is possible to identify the best solution for our country based on the realities.

Vania Pereira,
National Civil Identification and Authentication System (SNIAC), Cape Verde


This Movement has helped us to shape critical thinking and bring together the various national actors for a broader, more participatory discussion with greater argumentative elements. ID4Africa plays a key role in helping African decision-makers with civil registration, identification, and digital transformation.

Edson Pereira,
Ministry of Justice and Human Rights/ Camões, Guinea Bissau


ID4Africa plays a crucial role in bringing together governments, UN agencies, the World Bank, private sector, and other stakeholders to help shape the digital identity landscape in Africa. Over the years, ID4Africa has widened the spectrum of engagement by covering critical areas and inviting experts across the board. These have led to rich discussion, debate and deliberation, resulting in a solid pool of information/evidence benefitting member states, development partners, and eventually the children of Africa.

Cornelius Williams,


ID4Africa has enabled the various actors in identification in Côte d'Ivoire to dialogue and to look in the same direction through the sharing framework set up as part of the Movement’s work in the country. This is a very important step towards the attribution of a unique identity to everyone living in the country. Communication between the different bases is a major hurdle and ID4Africa is allowing us to move towards this synergy of action. We recognize that if we unite, our authorities will be more attentive to our requests.

Diakalidia Konaté,
Côte d’Ivoire National Borders Commission (CNFCI)


Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, the ID4AFRICA Movement has been able to support African countries, and Niger in particular, in training and monitoring activities through continuous LiveCasts that have varied and interesting themes and rich experience sharing and that have allowed us to evolve positively in the identification sector.

Mouna Afagnibo Aminami,
Office of the Prime Minister, Niger


The ID4Africa Movement led by Dr. Atick has inspired many and has become such a productive platform where networks are established and experiences shared among countries and other ID system stakeholders. Ethiopia has immensely benefited from this phenomenal Movement and the impactful ID4Africa 2022 AGM in Morocco is just the latest example in this regard.

Henock T. Ali,
National ID Program, Ethiopia


I have spent [just over] one year at NIRA as Executive Director. During this year ID4Africa has been a major source of experience, research and wealth of information for me. The platforms provided to discuss topical issues and technology have provided an opportunity for learning that would have cost the organization in research. I also take this opportunity to highlight Dr. Atick's balanced approach during dissuasion of controversial issues and his appreciation and understanding of the African Context.

Rosemary Kisembo,
National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA), Uganda

ID4Africa LiveCasts (Virtual)


On behalf our the Prime Minister's Office and all the other colleagues, we thank you for the opportunity given to Mauritius to participate in the LiveCast. We are proud to have been able to showcase the legislative and technical progress we have been able to achieve so far.

Mr. Devendre Gopaul,
Prime Minister's Office (Home Affairs), Mauritius

EP35: FORGED, NIST, Face Recognition, Contactless Fingerprints, Consumer Identity Management & ID4D


The gender & ID systems LiveCast was genuinely wonderful! It’s the best gathering of experts and materials I’ve seen in this area. Congratulations, et bien fait!

Pam Dixon,
Privacy International

EP34: Min. Lawson, Togo; Business Models of ID Authorities (NIMC, NADRA, UIDAI); i-On-Ethiopia


Fantastic LiveCast session! ID4Africa has created such a powerful platform for Africa practitioners. Thank you!

Cornelius Williams,

EP33: ID4AFRICA 2022 Workshop Reports featuring UNICEF & World bank

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